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Paige Turnah has returned because she missed you guys so much and she didn’t came empty handed she brought you guys another interracial scene. She had some problems with one of her neighbors that recently moved next to her place. He kept on making noise all night long and every morning she saw women leaving his house. Every day another women. That made her curious, is he so good in bed that women just came and go? So she made up an excuse to go to his place in the middle of the day. But he seemed so arrogant and she just couldn’t keep it to herself and started shouting at him about the noise.


Clearly that didn’t went as she expected so she thought to get to his bedroom with a different method. She dressed up as sluttiest as she could with her tiny skirt and top and went outside her house to wait for a cable right when he was going out as well. He approached her and tried to make peace with her after their talk from yesterday. But this time she made it seem like she doesn’t care and that got his interest. She is a really sex addict, just like the babes from the public pick ups blog, so he canceled her plans for the night and invited her in for a glass of wine and before you know it they were in the bedroom. He ripped off her cloths and started hammering her and stuffing her holes one by one. Enjoy!

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Paige is here with her latest scene and she sure loves getting that big hard cock deep inside her holes. She was invited a few days ago to a masquerade ball and got the spent most of the time with this business man that was in a short visit in her town. He was perfect for her, he was black, he certainly has a big dick and she doesn’t have to see his face afterwards.

She was horny as hell these days but didn’t want to call her ex so she took the black hunk for a ride. The curvy brunette invited him over to her place for a quick ride and a glass of wine. Well they didn’t even made it to the kitchen because they were all over each other before they even got in the house. Sexy Paige just couldn’t get enough of this dick and after getting her mouth fucked she got her pussy pounded as well. The black hunk tried every position with our smoking hot babe Paige and they sent us the craziest gallery. You can also take a look at for more rough fuck scenes. Enjoy it! 

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