Paige Turnah Lesbian Video

Last updated: July 31st 2017
We are back as promised with another Paige Turnah video. She just couldn’t keep this for herself, an insane lesbian video that she took with her smoking hot girlfriend. The gals wanted to surprise their men so they thought a video might do the trick. The guys always told them they should try out more but with them next to the gals to see it all. The other day while Paige and her friend were at the coffee shop next to the place, they started chatting and ended up agreeing to shoot the video that same night, because the guys were out to see a game.

So they met at Paige’s place and put on their hot lingerie, showing off their amazing curves, impressive knockers and of course their sexy asses as well. After the gals got bored of fooling around in front of the camera they started making out and undressing each other. Paige wanted a bit more so she brought in the scene her huge strapon and took care of her slutty friend’s pussy. She stuffed the huge toy deep in her pussy stretching it to the limits. Enjoy this great update and if you liked it check out blog and enjoy watching other sexy lesbians fucking!

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Paige Turnah Video – Cock Hungry Slut

As promised we returned with another Paige Turnah video for you guys. Paige has her way with men because they just can’t refuse her. She has this amazing body, delicious curves, impressive knockers and that fine ass, that just can’t pass unnoticed. This is what happened the other day as well. Our hottie went out with some friends at a birthday party and with all the people at their table she ended up chatting with one of the guys. After spending most of the night with him she ended up sharing her bed as well. After the party ended he offered to take her home and while they were walking she found out that he was single and just got out of a serious relationship a month ago.

Paige didn’t knew is she should invite him in or not, but once they arrived at her doorstep after their good night kiss she made her mind. She told him that she usually doesn’t do things like this but this time she would made an exception. They both knew what was going to happen and went straight in the bedroom. After Paige finished sucking his hard tool it was her turn to get pleased. He stuffed his hard cock deep in her pussy and by the end of the night she got cock in every cock. Enjoy it and if you liked this video check out website and enjoy watching some similar material featuring another beauty!

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Office Slut

Today we have naughty Paige Turnah at her first job interview, as you can all see she did a hell of a job. She got a call the other day and found out that she was expected next week at a interview. Paige didn’t even remember when she applied for the job but she was happy that she got selected. So the next week she dressed up all office and went downtown to her meeting. At first she was expecting a younger team but once she entered their offices she noticed that everyone had a certain age there. Of course her interviewer wasn’t too different from the rest, but she thought she might turn this in her favor. Paige went in his office and after answering to all of his questions they settled another meeting.

PaigeTurnah knew what was going to happen the next day so she went prepared to get her dream job. Once she arrived she noticed that the entire office was empty so she called him once again to make sure that she understood the right hour. When she entered in his office and show him with his pants off and knew what she had to do. She went on her knees and grabbed his fat cock and stuffed it in her filthy mouth. Paige didn’t stop until she got covered with nasty jizz all over her pretty face. The next day of course she went to meet her new co workers at her new job. Enjoy it and if you liked it visit blog and watch other slutty ladies sucking and fucking!


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Paige Turnah Lesbian Fun

Our hotties sure know how to have a good time together. Paige and her smoking hot blonde friend wanted to show you guys what they can do in the sack. They got all kind of proposals in the last few weeks so they decided to make all of you guys happy and share their latest scene together. The brought a friend to help them out with the filming part and selected all kind of toys to make it even more interesting for you guys. So the other day they met at Paige’s place and got things started.


The gals wear matching lingerie, a sexy purple lingerie with black lace that made them look even hotter. Paige just couldn’t keep her huge juggs in her bra so she got rid of it quite quickly. Then she made herself comfortable on the bed and let her naughty friend to tie her up and then please her pussy. She spread her legs, give aside her tiny panties and started licking her pussy while massaging her big tits as well. So don’t miss this out! And if you liked this update check out blog and watch other hot lesbians licking each others pussies!

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Paige Turnah Interracial Scene

With all those lesbian scene she had in the last few weeks she started missing cock, so don’t miss out the latest Paige Turnah interracial scene. The last few weeks Paige just didn’t have any free time and she didn’t had a hardcore fuck for a while now. She enjoyed her lesbian scenes but she kind of missed her getting fucked by guys days. So when she had some time to spear she went out for a walk and bumped into one of her older lovers. She couldn’t remember why they broke up, but one thing was sure he had a big dick and he sure knew what to do with it.


Paige didn’t think it twice and invited him over at her place for a cup of coffee. They started remembering about all of her good times, especially of a leather outfit, Paige had during their relationship. So they went in her bedroom and Paige put her sexy outfit one more time and it’s made it’s magic once again. They ended up on her black leather couch and she got his hard cock stuffed in her holes once again like in the old days. Check it out and we’ll see you next with more hot updates. Also you can visit sexy Mia Magma‘s blog and watch another gorgeous pornstar getting her tight holes stuffed!

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Mouthful Of Hard Dick

Paige Turnah stumbled upon one of her older galleries the other day from her college days. She had a crush on one of her classmates during college and in her final year she finally got what she wanted. They ended up going to the same fraternity party and you know how these parties go. Paige went with her closest friend there and from what it seems her crush came with a friend as well, so this was perfect, one on one. The sexy brunette convince her friend to help her out with her little plan and asked her to hook up with his friend. After she got closer she managed to start talking with him and the four of them went for a walk so they could talk in a more quiet place.

The babes ended up in the guys dorm room and from there everything was clear. They started ripping off each other’s clothes and Paige got what she desperately wanted to get fucked by her college lover. While her hot friend was sucking her date’s hard cock, Paige got his hard cock shoved deep in her holes over and over again. Check out the entire gallery and also take a look at her latest updates. Enjoy!


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Paige Turnah – Sloppy Blowjob

Slutty Paige Turnah just can’t refuse a cock, that’s for sure. This time instead she had company and from what it seemed she didn’t have even the tiniest problem on sharing her hard cock with some one. The gals went to the same party this weekend and without knowing it they talked with the same guy. So when they met in the bathroom and started gossiping, it didn’t took them too long to figured out that their guy was trying to bang both of them in the same night. The gals wanted to show him that they weren’t so easy to fool. Paige took him at her place and when the guy entered in the place and saw the other one waiting for him there, he didn’t say a word.


His luck was that the gals were both into to him so he still got what he wanted. Like the chicks from the Czech Amateurs blog, these slutty babes are crazy about fucking! They started to tease him, they started undressing each other while kissing passionately and continued with massaging each other’s huge juggs. Once they were completely naked and all heated up they went to him and took off his pants. Paige grabbed his hard cock and started sucking it until she got cum all over pretty face. Enjoy it!

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Hot and Horny

Hot Paige Turnah is back with another scene for you lucky guys as promised. For all of you that don’t know Paige she is this smoking hot porn star with delicious curves, big tits and a fine sexy ass that she just love to show off as often as possible. This time our hottie got set up with this hot guy by her friends. She kept on complaining about her love life so her buddies wanted to help her out. They knew that Paige has a thing for inked guys so that’s what she received. He worked at a tattoo salon downtown, he’s hot and of course single. So the next weekend when she met with her friends he was there as well.


 Her friends kept on finding things to do so they could spend more time together. So when they went to the store our gal Paige took him to the main bedroom, closed the door and started sucking his hard cock until she got covered with cum. When she finished she jumped over him, spread her legs and shoved the fat cock in her pussy deeper and deeper. Check it out and if you liked it cum inside blog and watch another beauty riding big dicks!

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Lesbian Farm Fuck

We know that you all missed Paige Turnah, that’s why this time we brought you another lesbian scene with her. She got an invite from one of her friends the other day to spend the weekend at her farm. At first Paige didn’t want to go, thinking about all that hard work that she had to do there and she’s kind of a city gal. But on the other hand she didn’t had the chance to catch up with her friend for such a long time. So she packed and after a three hour drive she got there. Everything looked so nice, her friend had a great view from her farm and all that fresh air convinced her that she took the right decision.


Paige had her first lesbian experiences with this friend, but was a long time ago when they were still in college and since then neither of them talked about it anymore. The next morning Paige woke up early in the morning to help her out with her chores. But when she entered in the barn she saw her friend fingering her pussy, so Paige like a good friend that she is joined her. Before you know it the gals started finger-fucking each other’s pussy and licking them as well. Check it out! Don’t forget that you can find similar lesbian sex pics inside website, so check it out and have fun!


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Hardcore Fucking

I’ve told you before that Paige Turnah had a thing for black guys, so here’s another hardcore gallery that can prove that to you. Paige had many men in her life until now but none of them compared with this one. She just couldn’t get enough of him and his black monster cock. Although he was dating one of her co workers that didn’t stop Paige from sleeping with him several times. They met at this dinner that her office organized for her boss’ birthday. She was single at the time and everyone had a date so she went accompanied by one of her friends. Paige as usual got everyone’s attention when she appeared wearing her tight black dress that made her juggs look even bigger that they are, with high heels and fishnet stockings.


All the guys in the room were checking her out, but she was interested in only one, her co workers’ man. He was this tall, handsome black stud that she just knew she got to have that night in that restaurant. Paige sent her date for the evening to keep his wife busy while she went talk with him. Everything went smoothly until Paige accidently touched him and his big cock. So she asked him if he could help her with something and took him in an empty room. Until he closed the door she already took off her dress and got on her knees waiting for him. He took off his pants and after Paige finished sucking his hard cock, he pushed her on the table and started stuffing her holes, one by one. If you want to see how it all ended check out the entire gallery.Also you can click here and watch another beauty getting her tight holes stuffed!

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